Why does SellerMetrics data not match with my Amazon account?

The Amazon Advertising API that SellerMetrics connect to is not real-time data.

We do not get a stream of data from Amazon for the date range you select it. What we do is that we collect the data set on a daily basis from their API. So the reporting you see is the accumulation of the daily data set we get from Amazon. This can pose a potential issue if somehow Amazon goes back into their previous data dates and update additional value such as order and sales. We have seen this happened quite often, and we do not know why this happens but it does.

In order to compensate for this, we will be working on a new function that allows us to re-sync your data from the past 60 days so you can get the most accurate recent data. Currently, this function is under development and will be updating our users on any new development on this front.

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