How many times and when does my Amazon Advertising and SP API data get updated?

Every day our system syncs with Amazon PPC advertising and SP API (Seller Central data) to get the daily data. This happens around 01:00 am PST/04:00 am EST, so during this time, it is not recommended that you use SellerMetrics as the system is still in the state of refreshing your data.

It is worth noting that we gather data with a 3 days time lag to compensate for the following situations:

  1. The 2-hour attribution window for any order/sales to be attributed to a click.

  2. Any order cancellation/refunds attributed to Amazon PPC made with into 72 hours will be removed from the order/sales total.

For example, if today is July 29, the latest data in SellerMetrics will be July 26.

We also found that there are a lot of times when the sales/order attribution is updated up to 2 weeks later. In order to compensate for this we will sync the last 14 days of data on a weekly basis on each active account.

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