How SellerMetrics Unified Accounts Setup Works

Since Amazon has a presence in multiple countries, that means sellers also have the opportunity to sell in multiple marketplaces as well. The impact of multiple account management means you have to log in and out of Seller Central to perform operational tasks such as inventory management or listing creation, and Amazon PPC is no different.

For example, if you manage 3 different accounts/marketplaces your workflow would be:

  1. Login to Account # 1

  2. Analytics/Optimization for Account # 1

  3. Log out of Account # 1

  4. Login to Account # 2

  5. Analytics/Optimization for Account # 2

  6. Log out of Account # 2

  7. Login to Account # 3

  8. Analytics/Optimization for Account # 3

  9. Log out of Account # 3

So you have to go through 9 steps to optimize all your accounts. But by using SellerMetrics and its unified account setup, we can minimize these steps and optimize for all 3 accounts at the same time.

And here is how:

1. First you can see in the dashboard which shows the key metrics across all accounts. Then to see reporting on the campaign/keywords/search term levels, go to the analytics screen.

2. To manually change/optimize bids for keywords. Go to our manual keyword optimization screen. Here you can change bids across accounts, preventing you from having to log in and out of your ad consoles.

3. On our Convert Search Terms and Negative Keywords screens lets you add search terms and negative keywords into existing campaigns across your accounts.

That's it, our Amazon PPC software allows you to work using the most efficient workflow. Making sure you can scale your Amazon PPC sales without scaling your time.

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